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World Population with Google Charts

    Total Population:

    Population Density (persons/km2):

    Countries by population

    China and India are by far the countries with larger population. However the main difference is the high density of India, which is more than 3 times the density of China. United States is the third country with more population but the density is much lower than in most of Asian countries.
    The World population has more than double in 50 years, reaching currently almost 8 billion people in the world.

    Population distribution by country

    In Asia they live 4.7 billion people which is 59.4% of the world population. And from those, 3 billion are people in China and India. The second continent in population is Africa, with 1.4 billion people (18% of world population), followed by Europe with 740 million (9%), North America with 595 million (7.5%), South America with 434 million (5.5%) and Oceania with 44 million (0.6%).

    Countries by density

    The areas in the world with higher density of population are those with small territory extension. This is the case of Macau with 23.712 people per Km2 and a population of 695K people, or Monaco with 18.234 people per Km2 and a population of 36K people. Regions with high density and a population of more than 1 million are Singapore with 8.416 people per Km2 and a population of 6 million and Hon Kong with 6.783 people per Km2 and a population of 7.5 million.
    When correlating density and total population of different regions and countries there are some areas with significant difference over the others. This is the case of Bangladesh, a country with a population of 171 million people, and a density of 1.160 people per Km2. Bangladesh is by far the area with higher density among countries with more than 10 million people. Other interesting case is India, with basically a population of 1.4 billion people (basically the same population than China) but a density of 431 people per Km2, this is 3 times more density then China.

    Density distribution by country

    The density of population is higher in specific areas. This is the case of south east Asia with countries like Bangladesh (1.160 people per Km2), South Korea (517 people per Km2), India (431 people per Km2), Philippines (337 people per Km2), Japan (327 people per Km2), Vietnam (296 people per Km2) or Pakistan (267 people per Km2), which also have large populations. In Europe the population of the countries is significantly smaller than Asian countries, but also the extension of their territories. Because of having population in smaller areas we can find countries with high density of population like Netherlands (419 people per Km2), Belgium (381 people per Km2) and United Kingdom (278 people per Km2). In Africa the country with higher density is Rwanda (523 people per Km2) and in America is Haiti (417 people per Km2).