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Data Automation

Automated processing of data from different sources and without errors

Automated data processing

The tools and processes used by Tervesol allow your company to obtain and process data from different sources for later use in different data analysis, automation or artificial intelligence applications. We develop automated and programmable processes that provide considerable savings in costs and time, efficiently and without human intervention.

Data quality
Manually processing large amounts of data exposes an organization to the risk of human error. Data automation reduces human error by ensuring data is loaded in a consistent and structured manner.

Cost savings
It is less expensive to use automated technology resources for data processing and analysis tasks compared to the cost of employee time.

Eliminate worthless processes
Automation enables efficient data processing and analysis, reducing the time and effort employees must spend on repetitive tasks.

Efficiency for complex tasks
Processing large volumes of data from many different sources is not easy for a human, but automated processes can efficiently handle this complex task.

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